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Professional but friendly service, reasonable prices

As a rule, translations into English should be carried out or checked by a professional translator who speaks English as their first language. Any other approach may have an embarrassing or expensive outcome. According to the Société française des traducteurs it is a basic rule that "professional translators work into their native language". I translate only from French to English. See some examples of my work.

I'm English, although I spend part of the year in France. A solicitor and writer, teacher and professional translator, I have had two books published in English and I use my native language every day. See Who Am I?

Whether your document is a 100,000 word novel or a twenty-word office memo, my prices are affordable; normally 60% and often 80% less than a translation agency. The secret is a prepayment package that means no surprises for anybody.


Translation into English

Translation graphicEnglish-language versions of websites, brochures, leaflets, guides, press releases, CVs, covering letters and other documents.

Quality, confidentiality and discretion.

I charge the best rate for you, whether that's £30 per hour or a price per word, for example:

  • £0.04 per word (straightforward text, curriculum vitae if simple, tourist office website, T-shirt catalogue)
  • £0.05 per word (blog about health and addictions, prestige buildings and contents policy, CPD podcasts, client newsletter about data protection, book for younger readers)
  • £0.06 per word (literary work, multiple choice questionnaire on robotic surgery)
  • £0.07 per word (esoteric book with many obscure references)
  • exceptionally, £0.18 per word for a highly technical document for which no bilingual glossary exists (e.g. a descriptive catalogue of wire, chain and textile crane slings and lifting accessories)

Expect to pay £37 for a translation of 800 words (one A4 page), depending on the complexity of the original.

However if I complete that translation in thirty minutes, which often happens when the document is a simple one, you pay only £15.


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Proof-reading of documents in English

Proofreading graphicChecking documents which have already been translated from French to English, and making any necessary corrections.

£30 per hour, which usually means a rate of 2 pence to 3 pence per word.

For proof-reading and correction of a typical page of 800 words, expect to pay £7 to £12.

For a complex or technical document, expect to pay 3p per word, which would be £24 for a page of 800 words. Articles that I have corrected have appeared in peer-reviewed scientific journals including:

  • Explorations in Economic History (Elsevier)
  • Annals of Economics and Statistics (ADRES)
  • Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (Plast. Reconstr. Surg.)
  • Annales de Chirurgie Plastique Esthétique (Ann Chir Plast Esthet)
  • Health Information Management Journal (HIMJ)
  • Revue Neurologique (Société Française de Neurologie)

The price depends on the quality of your document, so beware of automatic translation software. It is easier and quicker to translate the original French text into English from scratch than to correct a machine translation.

Please also send me the original French text, if any.

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Normal tariff & reduced tariff
I apply whichever tariff results in the lowest cost to you. This is either £30 per hour or, generally:

  • between 2p and 3p per word for proof-reading
  • between 4p and 8p per word for translation

I am resident in England, and I am not registered for VAT.

Minimum payment
£30. But if that is for a task which I finish in 15 minutes, you will have a credit of 45 minutes which you can use at any time in the next six months.

Peace of mind
On receiving your document I will send you an estimate of price and turnaround time, and I send every new client a free sample representing five minutes work on their document.

When you receive the estimate you have two prepayment options:
• Option #1 is the cautious approach : pre-pay in instalments of £15 or £30 so that you can check my work at each stage.
• Option #2 is for experienced clients who want fast turnaround : just pre-pay the whole amount on the estimate.


Turnaround time graphic

In other words, I am currently booked up four days ahead and I can deal with your job after that.

I indicate my current turnaround time on receipt of each document.





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