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When I receive your document, I will send you a free quote as soon as possible.

My e-mail address is:


Note 1. Send me your document by e-mail

In order to prepare an estimate, I need to see the full text of your document. The total size of your message, including attachments, must be no more than 25 MB. That's the equivalent of a Word document of three thousand pages, or a dozen high-resolution photos.

I accept documents by e-mail on a confidential basis in plain text (.txt) or Microsoft Word (doc or .docx).

I also accept .html documents, but if the document for translation is a website where the content is in multiple files, please consider sending it to me as a single Word file. Just highlight the .html text, copy-and-paste into a Word document, and save it as a single Word file before sending it to me. It's a good way to avoid complications later on.

In case of text which is currently in a PDF, PPT (PowerPoint) or XLS (Excel) document; or exists only as an image of text (GIF, JPG, JPEG, PNG or BMP) please supply the text in .doc, .txt or .html format.

Where I am to proof-read a document which has already been translated into English, please also provide the original French version.

Note 2. Wait for my response

After receiving your document, I will send you an estimate of price and turnaround time. New client? To introduce myself, I will send you a free sample consisting of five minutes' work on your document.

If your document demands a specialised service and I think you would be do better with a different translator, I will say so at once. Please note: If you have a deed, contract, divorce, will or other legal document, or a birth certificate, degree, diploma, or driving licence that needs to be translated into English for official purposes, probably you need a specialist translator. Keywords for a search on Google: translation official documents certified notarised UK

Note 3. Payment

You can use your credit card or debit card to pay with PayPal, and there's no need for you to open a PayPal account. Click here to buy credits.





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