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Glossaire des sigles médicaux anglais



Dictionnaire des abréviations médicales et paramédicales du Royaume-Uni

Les sigles courants, et les sigles désuets des 50 dernières années. Current abbreviations, and obsolete abbreviations from the last 50 years.


F :

f father
F Fahrenheit [jusqu'aux années 60]
  field of vision
  folic acid
FA fatty acid
  filterable agent
  first aid
  fluorescent antibody
FAB fragment antigen binding
  Frontal Assessment Battery
FACS fluorescence-activated cell sorting [cytométrie en flux]
FAD forced alkaline diuresis
  flavin adenine dinucleotide
FAP functional abdominal pain
FAPS functional abdominal pain syndrome
FAS foetal alcohol syndrome
FAST focused abdominal ultrasound for trauma
FB finger breadth
  foreign body
FBC full blood count
FBG fasting blood glucose
FBPsS Fellow of the British Psychological Society
FBS fasting blood sugar
  foetal blood sampling
  foetal bovine serum
F Cath Foley catheter
FCA flow cytometry analysis
FCE functional capacity evaluation
FCMS Fellow of the College of Medicine & Surgery
FCS foetal calf serum
FCOT Fellow of the College of Occupational Therapists
FCPath Fellow of the College of Pathologists
FD fatal dose
  focal distance
  forceps delivery
FDA US Food & Drug Administration
FDG fluorodeoxyglucose
FDIU foetal death in utero
FDP fibrinogen degradation products
  flexor digitorum profundus
FDS Fellow in Dental Surgery
  flexor digitorum superficialis
Fe fer
F/E flexion / extension
FeSO4 sulfate ferreux
FET forced expiratory time
FEU fibrinogen equivalent units
FEUO for external use only
FEV1 forced expiratory volume of lungs (1 second)
FF filtration fraction
FFA free fatty acids
FFB flexible fibreoptic bronchoscope
FFARCS Fellow of the Faculty of Anaesthetists of the RCS
FFD fixed flexion deformity
FFDRCS Fellow of the Faculty of Dental Surgeons of the RCS
FFP fresh frozen plasma
FFR Fellow of the Faculty of Radiologists
FFI free from infection
FGM female genital mutilation
FH family history
FHx family history
F/H family history
FHA foetal health assessment
FHH foetal heart heard
FHHR foetal heart heard regular
FHL functional hearing loss
FHNH foetal heart not heard
FHR foetal heart rate
FHS foetal heart sounds
Fib fibrinogen
FIB fibrinogen
FID flame ionisation detector
FIGLU formiminoglutamic acid
FIM Functional Independence Measure
FIM/FAM Functional Independence & Assessment Measure
FiO2 fraction of inspired oxygen
FIT faecal immunochemical test
FIUO for internal use only
FIX factor IX, Christmas factor
FLCO Fellow of the London College of Osteopathy
fld fluid
flex flexion
FLK funny-looking kid
FLP fasting lipid profile
FM frequency modulation [audiologie]
FM chart foetal movements chart
FMD flow-mediated dilation
FMF foetal movements felt
FMH family medical history
FMP first menstrual period
FMS false memory syndrome
  fibromyalgia syndrome
FNA fine needle aspiration
FNAC fine needle aspiration cytology
FNAR for no apparent reason
FNF fractured neck of femur
FOB faecal occult blood
FOBT faecal occult blood test
FP false positive
  family planning
FPA Family Planning Association
FPC Family Planning Clinic
FPCert family planning certificate
FPG fasting plasma glucose
FPL flexor pollicis longus
FPS Fellow of the Pharmaceutical Society
FRC functional residual capacity
FRCD Fellow of the Royal College of Dentists
FRCGP Fellow of the Royal College of General Practitioners
FRCOG Fellow of the Royal College of Obstetricians & Gynaecologists
FRCN Fellow of the Royal College of Nursing
FRCP Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians
FRCPath Fellow of the Royal College of Pathologists
FRCPsych Fellow of the Royal College of Psychiatrists
FRCR(R) Fellow of the Royal College of Radiographers (Radiography)
FRCR(T) Fellow of the Royal College of Radiographers (Radiotherapy)
FRCS Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons
FRCS (Ed) Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh
FRFPS Fellow of the Royal Faculty of Physicians & Surgeons
FRJM full range of joint motion
FROM full range of motion
FSE foetal scalp electrode
FSH family & social history
  follicle-stimulating hormone
FT full term
FTA failed to attend
  fluorescent treponemal antibody
FTBD full term, born dead
FTD formal thought disorder
FTLB full term, live birth
FTG full thickness graft
FTN finger to nose test
FTND Fagerström Test for Nicotine Dependence
  full term, normal delivery
fTRST (Flemish version) Triage Risk Screening Tool
FTSG full thickness skin graft
FTT failure to thrive
FTVD full term, vaginal delivery
FU follow up
F/U follow up
FUO fever of unknown origin
FVC forced vital capacity
FWB full weight bearing
Fx fracture
FYO for your information




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